Koda’s Journey

Koda and I go to the Pat Merritt Dog Park almost on a daily basis. The other dogs and their humans have become like family to us. Rainy days, windy days; whatever Mother Nature’s desire, the dogs of Pat Merritt Dog Park and their humans are in attendance. Words of wisdom, political debates, true-blue dad or mom type advice, sympathetic ears, military combat stories, movie recommendations, home grown organic fruits and vegetables to share, and of course, dog care. Every one has a story, advice, or something to share.

Most all of our dog park family members are known by their dog’s name. No human name is easily remembered, but if you say “Koda’s mom”, or “Blue’s mom”, etc, etc, right away the name goes with the face. We’ll talk about our unscientific assessment of the dog/owner similarities at a later time.

I am in amazement at the humanity and sometimes the drama of dog park life and politics. The word “family” encompasses a relationship. The morning crowd at the dog park has all the function and dysfunction of a family. What I am amazed at, is the function part of our extended family. There is fun, love, and respect with us humans. We only mirror that fun, love, and respect our dogs have with each other. Some may say, it’s just a dog park. But if you have read this far, you have likely experienced the love of a dog.


2 thoughts on “Koda’s Journey

  1. Hi, and thanks for the follow! I didn’t get the email and I see you’ve been following three days now. I am so sorry! I like to personally “meet” those who are kind enough to follow the antics of Sasha & Pierre and I would have greeted you sooner.
    Look at your Koda! What a pretty girl!
    Nice to “meet” you,


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